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From Glory to Struggles: David de Gea’s Rollercoaster Journey at Man United

Erik ten Hag: The Costly Faith in David de Gea


In the world of football management, tough decisions are often required to shape a team’s success. Erik ten Hag, the esteemed Manchester United manager, has demonstrated his willingness to make such decisions throughout this season. From sanctioning the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to dropping the out-of-form captain Harry Maguire, Ten Hag has earned a reputation for his bold choices. However, one decision that has come under scrutiny is his ongoing faith in goalkeeper David de Gea. This unwavering belief in De Gea could potentially cost Manchester United a coveted place in next season’s Champions League.

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Concerns in Manchester United’s Performance

While Manchester United has faced several areas of concern, one of the most pressing issues lies in their goal-scoring ability. The team has managed to score just three goals in their past six games, presenting a significant obstacle to their success. However, the real danger lies in the risk of falling back into a cycle of rewarding mediocrity. A successful team relies on a ruthless streak, holding players accountable for their performances and demanding excellence at every level.

David de Gea error led to ring United’s 1-0 defeat against West Ham

David de Gea’s Declining Form

David de Gea, once considered one of the world’s best goalkeepers, has been plagued by a series of costly mistakes in recent weeks. His error during United’s 1-0 defeat against West Ham United, where he was beaten by a weak Said Benrahma shot from 20 yards, is just the latest in a string of errors. These mistakes, once an anomaly, have become an unfortunate trend for the 32-year-old. Despite his declining form, ESPN reports that Manchester United remains committed to extending De Gea’s stay at Old Trafford, albeit potentially not as the club’s first goalkeeper. De Gea’s Statistics and Performance

When assessing De Gea’s performance this season, his statistics reveal a mixed picture. While he leads the race for the Golden Glove award with 15 clean sheets, his overall save percentage of 68% is among the lowest in the Premier League. In fact, only two goalkeepers, Gavin Bazunu and Alex McCarthy of bottom club Southampton, have a worse save percentage. This stark contrast between clean sheets and save percentage highlights the perplexing nature of De Gea’s performances.

On one hand, De Gea has proven capable of producing moments of incredible agility and reflexes, making match-winning saves that support the argument for him still being one of the best goalkeepers in the world. However, his inconsistency has become the defining characteristic of his game. United’s outfield players are left performing without the reassurance that comes from having a goalkeeper at the top of his game.

Persistent Issues with De Gea’s Game

De Gea’s poor distribution with the ball at his feet has been a recurring problem for Manchester United. This weakness was identified by former manager Louis van Gaal as far back as 2015, leading to the signing of Sergio Romero as competition for De Gea. Additionally, De Gea’s poor communication skills have resulted in misunderstandings with his defenders, while opponents have begun to exploit his reluctance to assert himself when dealing with aerial balls and corners. It is reminiscent of his early struggles when he first arrived from Atletico Madrid in 2011, before adapting to the physical demands of the Premier League.

Ten Hag’s Support and Potential Concerns

Erik ten Hag has publicly expressed his full belief in De Gea, standing by his goalkeeper even after costly errors. However, the mounting statistical evidence suggests that the United manager might either be in denial or protecting De Gea in the public eye while harboring concerns over his reliability. When comparing De Gea to other goalkeepers who have played 30 or more games in the past three Premier League seasons, he falls towards the lower end in most key categories. He ranks 13th in terms of goals prevented, and only five goalkeepers have conceded more goals than him since the start of the 2020-21 season. Additionally, he places seventh in Expected Goals Against, and only Illan Meslier of Leeds United has a worse save percentage over the last three seasons.

Evaluating De Gea’s Contract Situation

With De Gea’s contract set to expire at the end of the season, Manchester United has been exploring alternative options. Yann Sommer, the Swiss national team’s goalkeeper, was considered as a potential replacement, but he recently joined Bayern Munich due to Manuel Neuer’s injury. Sources close to De Gea have indicated that after 12 years at United, he is keen on returning to Spain. However, his options are limited as Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Barcelona all have settled goalkeepers, while other LaLiga clubs cannot match his current £375,000-a-week salary. De Gea acknowledges that he will likely have to take a substantial pay cut to continue at Old Trafford, but sources suggest that an agreement between player and club is nearing completion. This situation presents a less-than-ideal scenario, as De Gea’s decision to sign a new contract is driven more by the lack of alternative options rather than his undeniable reliability.

The Potential Outcome and Future for De Gea

If De Gea does indeed sign a new contract with Manchester United, it would mirror the situation with several underperforming players in Ten Hag’s squad who have received new contracts despite their struggles on the pitch. This repetition of history raises concerns about the club’s willingness to address performance-related issues. Unless Ten Hag displays the same ruthless streak he has demonstrated with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Maguire, drawing a line under the David de Gea era seems unlikely.

Ten Hag’s Need for Ruthlessness

Manchester United’s squad is burdened with players who have been rewarded with new contracts despite their failure to justify them through their performances. The ongoing faith in De Gea echoes this pattern. However, for the team to progress and compete at the highest level, tough decisions must be made. Ten Hag must exhibit the same ruthlessness he has shown in the past, recognizing that loyalty should not outweigh the need for excellence on the field.


Erik ten Hag’s tenure as Manchester United manager has been defined by his ability to make tough decisions. However, his ongoing faith in David de Gea, despite the goalkeeper’s declining form and costly mistakes, raises concerns about the club’s direction. Manchester United faces not only scoring issues but also the risk of rewarding mediocrity. To maintain the standards required for success, Ten Hag must embrace a ruthless streak and consider alternative options for the goalkeeper position.


  1. Will David de Gea’s contract be renewed? While David de Gea’s contract is set to expire at the end of the season, there are indications that an agreement between the player and the club is close to being concluded. However, the decision to renew his contract is driven more by the lack of alternative options and financial constraints than by his consistent reliability.
  2. Are there any potential replacements for De Gea? Manchester United has explored potential replacements for De Gea, with Yann Sommer being considered as an option. However, Sommer has recently joined Bayern Munich due to Manuel Neuer’s injury. Finding a suitable replacement for De Gea, given his salary demands and limited options in LaLiga, presents a challenge for the club.
  3. How has De Gea’s performance compared to other goalkeepers? Statistically, De Gea’s performance has fallen towards the lower end when compared to other goalkeepers who have played 30 or more games in the past three Premier League seasons. His save percentage is among the lowest in the league, and he has conceded more goals than several counterparts. While he leads in clean sheets, his inconsistency raises concerns about his overall performance.
  4. What are the persistent issues with De Gea’s game? De Gea’s poor distribution with the ball at his feet and his communication skills have been recurring problems throughout his career at Manchester United. He has also shown vulnerability when dealing with aerial balls and corners, allowing opponents to exploit his reluctance to assert himself. These issues have persisted despite his initial struggles and subsequent adaptation to the physical demands of the Premier League.
  5. How important is a ruthless streak in football management? A ruthless streak is vital for a successful football manager. It involves making tough decisions and holding players accountable for their performances. Rewarding mediocrity can hinder a team’s progress and competitiveness. A manager must prioritize excellence and be willing to make necessary changes to maintain the standards required for success.