Messi Offered £1 Billion Transfer Deal

Messi Offered £1 Billion Transfer Deal: Will He Accept?


Lionel Messi Offered £1 Billion Transfer Deal Contract by Saudi Club

A recent report by French newspaper L’Equipe has claimed that Lionel Messi has been offered a two-year contract worth £1 billion by a Saudi Arabian club. The offer is double what Cristiano Ronaldo currently earns at Saudi side Al-Nassr.

The contract, if signed, would be worth a staggering €1 billion over two seasons, with the option of a third. It is being hailed as an ‘exceptional’ offer and has brought Messi’s future at Paris Saint-Germain under the radar.

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Messi’s recent suspension for an unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia for a commercial deal has made his future uncertain. It remains to be seen whether Saudi Arabia will appeal to Messi and his wife, who is eager to stay in a competitive league.

Although Messi has not yet commented on the offer, it has certainly raised eyebrows in the football world. The Argentine forward has been a key player for Paris Saint-Germain since joining the club last summer. He played a crucial role in the team’s victory in the Coupe de France and has been an integral part of their Champions League campaign.

The offer also raises questions about the financial state of football clubs and the lengths they are willing to go to secure top players. With a contract worth €1 billion, it is clear that the club is willing to spend a massive amount of money to secure Messi’s services.

Overall, the offer to Messi is an astounding one, and it remains to be seen whether he will accept it. With his future at Paris Saint-Germain still uncertain, the football world waits with bated breath to see where Messi will end up next season.


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